Discover the Best Smartwatches for Women in India 2023

May 13, 2023
Smartwatches for Women

It’s no secret that generation has become an important part of our lives in the fast-paced world we live in. From smartphones to smart homes, everything we do every day is related in a smooth way. And when it comes to personal technology, smartwatches have taken the world by storm, changing the way we stay connected, organized, and stylish.

No longer are smartwatches only made to look like they belong on men’s wrists. Today, there are a lot of shiny, complicated smartwatches made just for women. These smartwatches not only improve your tech game, but they also make you look more fashionable. There may be a tracker that fits your needs and style perfectly, no matter if you’re an exercise fanatic, a working professional, or a trendsetter.

Are you ready to dive into the world of high-tech smartwatches made for women? In this article, we’ll tell you the top 9 best smartwatches for women in India. From their stylish looks to their useful features, these watches are the perfect mix of fashion and function.

Here is the list of top 9 best smartwatches for women

Apple watch series 8

Apple didn’t invent the smart watch, but it’s done a ton to improve it, delivering the same clean design and intuitive, responsive controls you know and love from its smartphones and computers. That continues with the Apple Watch Series 8. Several enhancements make this one of the best smartwatches for women.

Like the Series 7, this model has an 18-hour battery life and faster charging capabilities. If you’ve ever broken a smart watch, as many consumer testers have, you’ll appreciate the Series 8’s crack-resistant crystal, which also repels dust and water.

Apple watch series 8
Image source : Apple

Health and wellness features remain largely the same as those of the Series 7, with a few key innovations. First, the Series 8 features a sensor that tracks your temperature while you sleep and enables ovulation estimates, a handy tool for those who are hoping to grow their family. 

As long as you wear your watch to bed every night, it’s able to predict your fertile windows based on your health data. Also new to the Series 8 is crash detection, an extension similar to fall detection. Should an Apple watch user ever get in a severe car crash, the watch can now not only detect it but automatically connect you with emergency services, share your location and inform emergency contacts.

The Series 8 continues to offer guided workouts through Apple Fitness+ (also available through your iPhone), including HIIT, strength, Pilates and meditation. Advanced sensor technology allows the watch to measure blood oxygen levels, and it can also take an ECG reading in 30 seconds, providing valuable insights into your overall heart health. (Of course, check with a doctor at the first sign of concern.) As for aesthetics, there’s no mistaking the Apple form, but the subtly rounded case is a nice refinement, plus the Series 8 comes in various colors and a wide range of straps, including designs from Hermés.


  • Price: ₹ 3,499 
  • Product Dimensions: ‎29.6 x 7.6 x 3.6 cm
  • Wireless Type: Bluetooth
  • Average Battery Life: Up to 18 hours
  • Weight: 420 g
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Rating: 4.8 out of 5
Pros Cons
Advanced Health and Fitness TrackingHigh Price
Sleek DesignLimited Compatibility
Enhanced PerformanceBattery Life
Larger DisplayReliance on iPhone
Water Resistance

Samsung galaxy watch 5

Serious players need a smartwatch that can keep up with them, and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is up to the task. Not only is this smart watch great for Samsung phone owners because it works with both Android and IOS, but it also impressed our engineers with its ability to track a wide range of physical activities, such as jogging, biking, rowing, and up to 90 other types of exercise. Its fall detection feature gives you peace of mind.

Samsung galaxy watch 5
Image source: samsung

In tests of older versions of the Galaxy Watch, our Lab experts found that Samsung’s heart rate monitor was more accurate than other watches when compared to a third-party heart rate monitor. 

Be aware that it is no longer a clinical tool, but if you want to improve your sports performance or deal with stress throughout the day, that level of accuracy could be helpful. 

Also great is that the watch face is made of Sapphire crystal, which makes it stronger and less likely to get scratched than older models. In terms of general looks, you can definitely wear your Samsung smart watch out in public, thanks to its wide range of case styles and straps.


  • Price: ₹ 30,999
  • Product Dimensions: 40.4 x 39.3 x 9.8 mm
  • Wireless Type: Bluetooth
  • Average Battery Life: Up to 40 hours
  • Weight: 28.7 g
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Rating: 4.2 out of 5
Excellent fitness trackingA bit chunkier than some watches
Easy set up
Compatible with Android and iOS

Fossil Gen 5E

This fashionable watch from Fossil comes in rose gold and has stones set all over the face. Additionally, the watch straps are interchangeable, allowing you to use it with a variety of outfits. The touchscreen on the 42mm smart watch is compatible with both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating system. 

It can monitor your heart rate, as well as your sleep and activity. By installing applications on your mobile device, such as Spotify or Wear OS, and then syncing those applications to your smart watch, you can use your smartwatch to manage your music and get updates on your mobile device. 

Fossil Gen 5E
Image source: Fossil

When you can pay for purchases without having to touch a card reader, shopping becomes much simpler. Fossil claims that the Gen 5E is equipped with a multi-day battery option that can provide you with more than 24 hours of use time from a single charge. 

Because it can survive water up to 50 meters deep, you also don’t have to worry about taking your watch off when you go swimming due to this feature.


  • Price: ₹ 11,995
  • Product Dimensions:4.4 x 2.2 x 1.2 cm
  • Wireless Type: Bluetooth
  • Average Battery Life: Up to 24 hours
  • Weight: 120 g
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Rating: 3.9 out of 5
Stylish, lightweight design42mm case will be big for some wrists
Swappable straps

Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Assist Smart Watch

Style, utility, and cutting-edge health monitoring features all come together in the Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Assist. The ColorFit Pro 3 Assist is a cutting-edge fitness smartwatch with a colorful touch screen and a square dial. The watch comes in a number of fashionable colors, so buyers can choose according to their choice.

The ColorFit Pro 3 Assist has a built-in sleep tracker that can distinguish between different stages of sleep. The ability to track how long and how well you slept can inform your efforts to establish better sleep habits.

Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Assist Smart Watch
Image source: Noise

When it comes to advanced capabilities, the ColorFit Pro 3 Assist has a lot to offer. It’s designed to work in sync with your smartphone, so you can get alerts about incoming calls, texts, emails, and social media posts right on your wrist. The watch may also be used to take images and control music on a nearby smartphone.

The ColorFit Pro 3 Assist is water-resistant up to the IP68 standard, so it can tolerate light rain, perspiration, and splashes. Because of this function, you can use the watch in the shower or while swimming without worrying about damaging it.

The ColorFit Pro 3 Aid also excels in its ability to last a long time on a single charge. Depending on how often you use it, its big battery may last for up to 10 days on a single charge. This extends its usefulness and convenience by allowing you to use it for longer without having to recharge it as often.


  • Price: ₹ 3,299 
  • Product Dimensions: ‎4.32 x 3.88 x 1.08 cm
  • Battery Life: 240 hours (10 days)
  • Wireless Type: Bluetooth
  • Weight: 38.9 Grams
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Rating: 4.6 out of 5
Alexa voice-enabledNo GPS support
24*7 SPO2 monitoring
Highly responsive 1.55’’ HD touchscreen with 320×360 pixels
Long battery life

Fastrack Reflex 3.0 Unisex Activity Tracker

The Fastrack Reflex 3.0 Unisex Activity Tracker wristwatch is a great option for those seeking a fashionable but practical wrist accessory. This fitness tracker has been made with both genders in mind, and it has a number of functions that will help its users maintain a healthy lifestyle while still looking great.

The ability to monitor one’s physical activity is a highlight of the Fastrack Reflex 3.0. It has a sophisticated accelerometer that can keep track of your daily steps, mileage, and calorie burn.

Fastrack Reflex 3.0 Unisex Activity Tracker
Image source: amazon

The Reflex 3.0 not only monitors your day-to-day activities and nightly rest, but also notifies you to incoming calls and texts. Connecting through Bluetooth to your smartphone, you can get alerts without having to pull out your phone every few minutes. This is helpful in many situations, but it’s especially helpful when working out or while your phone is in another room.

The Fastrack Reflex 3.0’s clean aesthetic makes it an ideal choice for casual use. The strap is built to last and is designed to be worn comfortably, even during vigorous exercise.

The smartwatch’s built-in battery is powerful enough to survive for days even with heavy use. This eliminates the need for constant charging and guarantees continuous use of the gadget throughout the day.


  • Price: ₹ 1,795 
  • Product Dimensions: 45 x 11 mm.
  • Average Battery Life: 10 Days
  • Wireless Type: Bluetooth
  • Weight: 24 Grams
  • Warranty: 12 months manufacturer warranty on manufacturing defects
  • Rating: 3.7 out of 5
Comes with an easy-to-use magnetic chargerDoes not have the SPo2 feature
Offers 20 Unique Bandfaces
10+ Sports Modes 
Up to 10-Days of Battery Life

Google Pixel watch 5

After just a few months on the market, the Google Pixel Watch has established itself as a top-tier Android wristwatch. The frame is composed of durable stainless steel while the screen is a sharp 1.2-inch 320ppi AMOLED panel capable of displaying DCI-P3 color.

The screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 5, although an additional screen protector is recommended. The spinning crown and the extra side button each serve unique purposes.

Google Pixel watch 5
Image source: amazon

The Pixel Watch is ready for any physical activity thanks to its 5 ATM water resistance, Fitbit app integration, SpO2 sensor (upon activation), and heart rate monitor. The built-in Wear OS 3 on the Pixel Watch makes it possible to use services like Google Pay and Spotify right out of the box. 

This smartwatch has excellent compatibility for third-party apps, and the watch faces are very customizable. Your smartwatch purchase comes with a free six-month subscription to Fitbit Premium and a three-month subscription to YouTube Music Premium.

Google’s Pixel Watch is available in both Bluetooth and LTE variants, it’s still less expensive than the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, but its battery life of just 24 hours can’t compare to that of the Watch 5 Pro’s.

The Pixel Watch is the best Android flagship wearable you can get that doesn’t cost as much or weigh as much as the Watch 5 Pro.


  • Price: ₹ 32,990
  • Product Dimensions: 41 mm.
  • Average Battery Life: 294 mAh
  • Wireless Type: Bluetooth
  • Weight: 36 Grams
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Rating: 4.2 out of 5
Wear OS 3 brings loads of featuresProprietary bands
Premium-quality build with 5 ATM waterproofingPricey buy
Not too chunky and feels comfortableSpO2 sensor isn’t active yet
Fitbit app and feature integration is excellent
Watch faces are very customizable

Fire-Boltt Ninja 2 

The Fire-Boltt Ninja 2 SpO2 Full Touch Smartwatch is a high-tech wristwatch with both sleek design and useful features. Its many features and functions are meant to improve the smartwatch experience as a whole.

The smartwatch has a full colour touch screen that makes navigating the UI fun and easy. The touch screen makes it simple to navigate the many menus and choices, so you can quickly and easily use everything the watch has to offer.

Fire-Boltt Ninja 2
Image source: fireboltt

The Fire-Boltt Ninja 2 has a number of different sport modes that provide precise training monitoring and recording. The wristwatch can track your heart rate, steps done, distance travelled, and calories burnt regardless of whether you’re jogging, riding, or otherwise active. When this information is synced with a mobile app, you get a complete picture of your fitness development over time.

The Fire-Boltt Ninja 2 is a sleek and contemporary watch that can be customized with different straps to suit your taste. It has an IPX7 rating for water resistance, so you may wear it in the shower or pool without worrying about it becoming ruined.

The Fire-Boltt Ninja 2 has a high-capacity battery that, depending on your use habits, may last for many days on a single charge. This means you won’t have to worry about constantly charging your smartwatch to take use of its capabilities.


  • Price: ₹ 1,699
  • Product Dimensions: 11 x 7 x 3 cm
  • Average Battery Life: 7 days
  • Wireless Type: Bluetooth
  • Weight: 32 Grams
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Rating: 4.1 out of 5
Waterproof  – comes with an IP68 rating; Offers sweat and water resistanceNo GPS
Compatible with android 4.4 or above and iOS 8.0 or aboveSensors reliability could have been better
With a Honeycomb menu, the user can land to any activity with just one swipe and one tapSmall display
Features are useful such as drink water, sedimentary and menstrual reminder

Fitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness Smartwatch

If you’re looking for a wearable gadget to help you keep track of your fitness, monitor your health, and remain connected all day long, go no further than the Fitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness Smartwatch. The Fitbit Versa 3’s modern aesthetic and extensive feature set reflect the company’s commitment to provide a full solution to its consumers’ health and wellness needs.

The Fitbit Versa 3 has custom on-screen workouts that walk you through different activities and give real-time coaching to keep you motivated and active. These exercises are a fantastic way to push yourself and achieve your fitness objectives, whether you’re at home or at the gym.

Fitbit Versa 3 Health Fitness Smartwatch
Image source: fitbit

The Fitbit Versa 3 is compatible with both the Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, allowing you to use voice queries to do things like check the weather, make reminders, manage smart home devices and more. When you’re on the run or can’t spare a hand to operate a device, this function will come in handy.

Clear and sharp visuals are yours to enjoy on the Fitbit Versa 3’s bright AMOLED screen. The touchscreen interface is well-designed and straightforward to use, with straightforward shortcuts to common functions, customization options, and alerts.

The Fitbit Versa 3 has smartphone notification capabilities so you can get calls, messages, and app alerts on your wrist without having to pull out your phone. Without pulling out your phone, you can just look at your watch to see the time, date, and any notifications that have come in.

The Fitbit Versa 3’s battery may last for 6 days or more on a single charge, so you can wear it all day and night long without having to worry about plugging it in.


  • Price: ₹ 18,990
  • Product Dimensions:  ‎4.05 x 4.05 x 1.24 cm
  • Average Battery Life: 6 days
  • Wireless Type: Bluetooth
  • Weight: 19.84 Grams
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Rating: 4.1 out of 5 
Includes both the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for the best in hands-free convenience.Buckle-less strap
Gives 6+ days of battery on a full charge; Offers one day of battery life in just 12 minutes with fast charging Limited apps
Comfortable design; Intuitive UIGPS tracking could be stronger

boAt Wave Lite Smartwatch

The boAt Wave Lite Smartwatch is a low-priced smartwatch that looks great and has all the functionality you need. The boAt Wave Lite is a fitness tracker, social media app, and activity monitor designed for tech-savvy people who also care about staying healthy.

boAt Wave Lite Smartwatch
Image source: boAt

The boAt Wave Lite Smartwatch’s ability to monitor physical activity is a notable feature. It has a precise pedometer that can track your daily steps, mileage, and calorie expenditure. This wristwatch monitors your heart rate, steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned when you walk, jog, or run, helping you stay on track with your fitness objectives.

The boAt Wave Lite Smartwatch is equipped with a number of sport settings that enable you to keep tabs on a variety of physical pursuits. You may track your performance and improvement over time by choosing the mode that collects the most relevant data for your chosen exercise.

The boAt Wave Lite Smartwatch is aesthetically pleasing because of its high-quality color display. The touchscreen interface is intuitive and simple to use, making it simple to access different options and customizations.

The boAt Wave Lite is designed to be worn for long periods of time because of its low weight and plush inside. The IPX5 classification means it can withstand mild rain and perspiration without being damaged, and the adjustable straps make it easy to find the perfect fit.

If you lead an active lifestyle, the boAt Wave Lite Smartwatch’s battery life of several days on a single charge will be more than sufficient to keep up with your needs. That way, you may depend on its features all day long without having to constantly recharge it.


  • Price: ₹ 1,999
  • Product Dimensions:  ‎26 x 4 x 1 cm
  • Average Battery Life: 7 days
  • Wireless Type: Bluetooth
  • Weight: 45 Grams
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Rating: 4 out of 5
Super lightweight with 1.69 inches HD full touch display with 500 nits of brightnessSleep tracking has issues sometimes
Supports Google and Apple FitSmall screen size
IP68 dust, sweat and splash resistanceNo GPS support
140+ cloud-based watch faces


After just a few years on the market, smartwatches have become more sophisticated and cheap, with features like larger screens, better sports tracking, more personalization options, voice assistants, and longer battery life. Because of this, picking the right option is more challenging than ever.

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