Carbinox X-Ranger Watch Review in 2023

Carbinox has become a well-known name in the smartwatch industry. The carefully thought designs and rugged features of Carbinox offer durability and versatile functions at the same time. And guess what? You get all this at a much more reasonable cost. In this range, Carbinox has developed yet again a stylish, impact-resistant smartwatch called the X-ranger watch.

As the name suggests, the watch is really an X-ranger designed especially for men who perform tough tasks every day.  A look at its various mind blowing features will tell you how this sturdy watch can withstand extreme weather conditions and shocks while you travel, commute, play sports, or work in extreme temperatures. The health tracking features, calling, and messaging services are always there offering great results.

Have a look at some of the best features of the new Carbinox X-Ranger smartwatch.

Carbinox X-Ranger Watch

The strong and tough X-Ranger is created to overcome extreme environmental and weather conditions. This modified model of the Carbinox smartwatch works as an ultimate wearable gadget for the workaholic and hardworking individual. Equipped with a sturdy Aerospace metallic body and bezel, X-Ranger is one of the most durable and long-lasting smartwatches designed by Carbinox so far. Its structure is 10 times more resistant than other smartwatches and provides high protection while performing extreme tasks like camping, mountain climbing, etc. Carbinox X-Ranger Watch Review in 2023

X-Ranger’s Bluetooth Calling Technology allows you to make important calls without using your mobile phone. Moreover, its IP69K WATERPROOF technology, comfortable ergonomic fit on your wrist, higher resistant scratch-proof screen, and enhanced shock-proof system, help you use it in any natural conditions and even while going on adventure trips. Carbinox X-Ranger Watch Review in 2023


Weight100 gram
ScreenPanda Tempered Glass, Scratch resistant
MaterialFull Metal Bezel and Body
Battery life10-15 days on regular use
Charging Time2-3 hours
Display1.43’’ AMOLED Display
CompatibilityAndroid and Apple Smartphone via Bluetooth
Sport ModesMore than 70 with smart recognition
Heart Rate SensorVP60
Pedometer SensorSTK8325
Additional featuresAdjustable wristbands, IP69K Waterproof, Waterproof Microphone & Speaker, Glory Fit app
Price$139.95 (4 interest-free installments of $34.98) 

Unique Features of X-Ranger Smartwatch:

Robust Structure

As the name suggests, X-Ranger is designed for adventure enthusiasts who keep doing heavy physical activities. Its strong Aerospace metallic body and bezel can withstand various harsh conditions and is waterproof. However, that does not mean you throw it from a cliff, as that will surely damage your smartwatch. Carbinox X-Ranger Watch Review in 2023

HD Display

X-Ranger’s high-end 1.43’’ AMOLED HD screen and CBNX V4 software, offer smooth usage with better and accurate health tracking. Its ultra-clear display shows the below-mentioned features. Blood Pressure

  • Heart Rate tracking
  • Oxygen measuring
  • Sleeping Mode
  • Weather Forecast of location
  • Social Media notifications
  • SMS and Call Options
  • +70 sport modes

Moreover, you can download the Glory Fit app and pair it with your smartwatch and phone to help you stay fit and active. Carbinox X-Ranger Watch Review in 2023

Money Back Guarantee

Just like all Carbinox watches X-ranger covers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee in case you find the smartwatch not suitable for your needs. Also, a 30-Day software or internal issues protection along with replacement if required is also available free of cost. Carbinox X-Ranger Watch Review in 2023



Strong and durable smartwatchNo Text message reply
High definition sounds and ultra-clear display 
Compatible with Android and Apple smartphones 
30-Day Money Back Guarantee 

To Conclude

The new and upgraded version of Carbinox X Ranger can help you stay connected to the world, even when you perform hard tasks like travel or trek. It’s the ultimate wearable accessory for hardworking men.  The X-Ranger smartwatch is robust and best for outdoor adventure activities and best for athletes, engineers, and mechanical workers. Its working style is unique and is comfortable on our hands too. Carbinox X-Ranger Watch Review in 2023

What’s more? XRanger offers compatibility with Android and iOS smartphones to help you stay connected with your friends and business colleagues hands-free. With so many innovative features, Carbinox X-Ranger is the best travel companion for your adventures and hardworking activities. Carbinox X-Ranger Watch Review in 2023

You can always send your queries to or ask your doubts on Carbinox’s Facebook or Instagram social media pages. Carbinox X-Ranger Watch Review in 2023

Disclaimer: Techinfo24h is not liable for retailers’ price changes. Prices may vary depending on the discounts offered during sales on their respective sites. The product price mentioned above is the current price displayed on the respective sites. Carbinox X-Ranger Watch Review in 2023


Is Carbinox American made?

We are a company established in Miami, Florida since 2021.

Is carbinox watch compatible with iphone?

Yes! Carbinox smartwatches are compatible with all Android and Apple Devices. You just need to download the Carbinox App, available on your app store.

Is Carbinox watches legit?

These people are selling faulty products. I bought the carbinox x ranger watch and within 3 months the watch screen turned black and won’t “wake up” no matter how long I hold the power button, nothing happens. It won’t turn off or on. They are refusing to do anything about their faulty products and it’s infuriating.

Can I shower with my Carbinox watch?

Our smartwatches are water resistant, which means that they’re able to be in contact with certain amount of water but we do not recommend to swim, dive or take a shower with them.

Does Carbinox watch track calories?

No matter your sport or training method, you’ll find it on this smartwatch. 70 different sports modes to choose from and automatic smart recognition that allows reading your burned calories accurately.

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