Carbinox Vesta Watch Review in 2023

Of all the various styles and features presented by various smartwatches in the market, if you are looking for durability and long-lasting battery, Carbinox Vesta is the best smartwatch for you. The watch is designed especially for working women keeping in mind their everyday health and other needs. However, it’s not that others can’t use it!!

The revolutionary smartwatch brand Carbinox has come up with another new smartwatch, the Carbinox Vesta watch. The premium smartwatch brand is known to design rugged smartwatches suitable for everyday use for both men and women. The exterior and interface designs of these wearables include a new stylish range and help you stay connected and your watch stay charged even when you forgot to carry the charger. Carbinox Vesta Watch Review in 2023

Have a look at its various features that let you track your calls, messages, and health status while you commute or are traveling to far lands.Carbinox Vesta Watch Review in 2023

Carbinox Vesta

If you prefer to have durable smartwatch for everyday use, then Carbinox Vesta is the device for you. Its high end, next level sturdy features allow you to stay connected with the outside world without using your smartphone and worrying about its longevity in extreme conditions. Carbinox Vesta Watch Review in 2023

What’s new in it? With an ergonomic width on your wrist and superior quality wristbands, Vesta provides protection from environmental elements using its highly durable scratch proof screen, and shock-proof technology. Just pair it with your smartphone on the GloryFit app and stay connected with the outside world handsfree. Carbinox Vesta Watch Review in 2023


ScreenPanda Tempered Glass, Scratch resistant.
MaterialsFull Metal Bezel and Aluminum Body
Battery life10-15 days on regular use.
Charging time2-3 hours
CompatibilityAndroid and Apple smartphones
Sport ModesMore than 70 with smart recognition.
Heart Rate SensorVP60
Pedometer SensorSTK8325
Additional FeaturesIP69K Waterproof, Gloryfit App, DAFIT app, Waterproof Microphone & Speaker
Price$139.95 (4 interest-free installments of $34.98)

 Unique Features of the Carbinox Vesta:

Durable and Comfortable

Just like the X-Ranger, Vesta is also made of high quality IP69K Waterproof, Aerospace Metallic Body and Bezel, which gives it the strength to withstand harsh environments while commuting. Moreover, it is equipped with waterproof microphones and speakers that deliver high quality sound. Also, the adjustable band comfortably fits on your wrist, helping you to stay worry-free when outdoors. Carbinox Vesta Watch Review in 2023

Greater Impact Resistance and Connectivity

The Carbinox Vesta is designed for the everyday commuter and heavy duty worker. Its re-engineered metal bezel, rubber elements and shock proof technology provide higher-level of protection during regular use, better than other smartwatches. With its Bluetooth Calling technology, you can make and answer calls without using your smartphone. Carbinox Vesta Watch Review in 2023

Better Display and Software

Vesta’s integrated CBNX V3 software offers an incredibly clear display experience and precise viewing results on health tracking status, heart rates, steps counter, sport modes, etc. It lets you stay up to date on your health status offering comfort and satisfaction on your wrist. Vesta displays the following features with accurate fitness tracking. You can connect it with your Smartphone by downloading the GloryFit app or DAFIT app. Carbinox Vesta Watch Review in 2023

  • Heart Rate Tracker
  • Blood Pressure monitor
  • Oxygen Measuring
  • Sleeping Mode
  • Location based weather
  • Call and Message receiving
  • Social Media Notifications
  • +70 sport modes

Money Back Guarantee

Vests also offers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee cover just like the Carbinox X-ranger watch, if  you find the smartwatch not suitable for your needs. Also, a 30-Day software or internal issues protection along with replacement if required is also available free of cost. Carbinox Vesta Watch Review in 2023



Durable and shockproofNo Text message reply
High definition sounds and ultra clear display 
Compatible with Android and Apple smartphones 
30-Day Money Back Guarantee 

To Conclude

Carbinox Vesta is created for hardworking people, who look for affordable and quality smart wearables. Its premium features are suitable for everyday use to help you stay connected without the need for your mobile phone. So before you venture out to buy a new Carbinox smartwatch do read the above-mentioned guidelines and get the one smartwatch that best suits your needs. Carbinox Vesta Watch Review in 2023

 What’s more? Vesta offers compatibility with Android and iOS smartphones to help you stay connected with your friends and business colleagues hands-free. You can stay connected for a day even if you forgot to bring the charger. Carbinox X-Ranger is the best travel companion for everyday use and hardworking activities. Carbinox Vesta Watch Review in 2023

You can send your queries to or ask your doubts on Carbinox’s Facebook or Instagram social media pages. Carbinox Vesta Watch Review in 2023

Disclaimer: Techinfo24h is not liable for retailers’ price changes. Prices may vary depending on the discounts offered during sales on their respective sites. The product price mentioned above is the current price displayed on the respective sites. Carbinox Vesta Watch Review in 2023


How long does Carbinox watch battery last?

up to 7 days

The Carbinox Vesta has a 380mAh battery integrated, capable of lasting up to 7 days within a single charge. Your fitness goals will be achieved, tracked, and recorded without worrying about leaving your charger at home. Need we say more?

Can I shower with my Carbinox watch?

Our smartwatches are water resistant, which means that they’re able to be in contact with certain amount of water but we do not recommend to swim, dive or take a shower with them.

Does the Carbinox watch check blood pressure?

The Carbinox Ivy comes with the latest health-tracking technology. Check your heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and sleep performance anywhere, anytime. No matter your sport or training method, you’ll find it on this smartwatch.

Can a smartwatch last 10 years?

You may well get two to five years of use out of a smartwatch, or even more, depending on the manufacturer and model. But, ultimately, longevity needs to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.Nov 6, 2023

What is the lifespan of a smartwatch?

The lifespan of a smartwatch can vary depending on a number of factors, including the brand, model, and how often it is used. However, most smartwatches can last for 2 to 5 years. My watch was slowing down at about 3 years. Some smartwatches are designed to last much longer.

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